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All Tropical Fish - Saltwater Fish, Corals and Freshwater Fish

This site provides extremely useful information on marine fishkeeping, corals, invertebrates and freshwater fish. It also offers fish forums, community and article and photo upload.

Cabrera's Coral Corral

David's website is intended to catalog the maintenance and evolution of three different reef aquaria, which includes information on the hardware, upkeep, and the inhabitants of these tanks. The website will soon include the chain of custody (where coral frags originated from) for David's corals to facilitate the proper identification of coral species in his care. This website also includes content on conservation and what the reefkeepers can do to promote it. This is a great site that has potential.

Muzzys Reef

Steve has put together a great site where he describes the progression of his humungous 'Hole in the Wall' marine reef tank . . .Wow! J His fantastic pictures of this progression really is impressive. You'll also find some beautiful close-up images of some of the corals and fish that he proudly takes care of. No guessing what's in his tank - he lists all of the fish, inverts, and equipment he uses as well as maintains the tank parameters here. Take a look!

Aquaria Review

Nathan has developed a fantastic site for reef hobbyist. You will find articles, suppliers, extensive page on reef tank sites and much more! While you are there, check out his 180 gallon tank! Nathan also has an extensive list of links to coral farmers - all reef hobby-ists should take an interest in this! J

Michael G. Moye's Reef Tank

"This is what happens when your Land-lord prevents you from keeping dogs as pets!"

Jelly Theory

A picturesque site. A small tank yet with fine looking corals and fish. Read how Chris's 20 gallon tank was 'Deep Sixed' after his Rio 1400 'nuked' it!


An awesome display of coral reef you'll want to wish you had! Len's website is simply perfect AND professional. Visit his site and 'feel' the enchantment of a 120 gallon mini ocean! While there, check out how Len walks you through a setup of a Nano Tank! - Cool! J

Adrian's Coral Reef

Adrian's 120 gallon reef tank is simply stunning! Adrian is a photographer and his pics speak louder than words! The color and detail of corals are awesome, and he's got an awesome display of frags!

Gil & Liza's Nano Reef

A wonderful and informative site for the advid Nano Reef tank Hobbyist! Great pictures and informative material to get you started on the right track to Nano success!

Marie's Reef

A wonderful tank established by a very enthusiastic hobbyist. See for yourself how you don't have to be 'expert' aquarist to maintain such a beautiful reef! W.O.W. . . !

Aaron's Reef

Here you can learn how to start your own Reef without donating your arms and legs - Proof that you do not have to spend 'loads' of money in this fantastic hobby!

Mistress Reef

This site will get you feeling 'fuzzy' all over! J Dave is involved in other hobbies, which leads me to wonder how he has time to fit in an awesome reef setup you will see here! Dave named his 'reef' based on the naming of one of his hobbies - A SCUBA diving site!) 

Tim's Reef

Tim's primary goal is to help others by explaining how he's been relatively successful at building and maintaining an untraditional/inexpensive reef sys- tem and to emphasize the importance of being an ethical and environmentally aware marine aquarist.

William's Reef Aquarium Page

Bill's got a wonderful reef setup! Take a look for yourself and you'll understand! Bill displays many beautiful pictures that simply speak louder than words! You simply must visit it now!

Tangwang's Reef

Mathew's 120 gallon mixed reef is impressive! He's got a variety of soft corals including LPS & SPS corals. Great pics of his hammer coral, palythoa, gorgonian macro and others close up!

Slojmn's Reef

I've got enormous respect for Alicia who seemed to find the time to main-tain a 120g reef! She is a teacher by profession and her website reflects that of a truly knowledgeable hobbyist!

Reefman's Reef

Check out Gus's 55g setup! He got Reef Tank of the Month in Feb. 2001 from Reef Central. Check out how he maintains his tank and while you are there, look at his images, they are impressive!

Flame* Angel's Reef

A great looking website with beautiful images. Impressive pictures show progress of 120 gallon reef as well as progress pictures of an awesome 300 gallon tank.

Salty Zoo

A very cool and informative site. The purpose of the website is to help inform Marine Aquarium hobbyists on what to avoid in the hobby, what mistakes can be made and how to prevent them. The site also provides links to sources of interest that will be beneficial for all those interested in saltwater/reef keeping.

Ken's Reef

A great little website that's supported with a reef diary and some fantastic images. You'll enjoy a page that shows the progress of coral growth as well as info on the main tank system, sump, refugium, propagation tray, seahorse tank and circulation.

Carlos Reef

Carlos Reef is a website with information about the marine aquarium hobby, specifically, how to start and maintain a reef tank aquarium.

Brad's website is dedicated to his passion for coral reef aquariums. His website is a personal blog that offers information on a variety of DIY projects, that includes the construction of acrylic tanks, sump and/or refugiums, tank stands as well as a reef aquarium picture gallery and more.

Knowltons Reef

This is a fantastic site/blog on the setup, growth and maintenance of saltwater coral reef aquariums including a nano reef tank.

Commercial/Business Sites

Site Name


Aquatic Dreams

Aquatic Dreams is a family owned Local Fish Store in Spokane, Wa. Operated by Kevin (a.k.a. KevinPo) an individual well-known in the reef keeping community. He's active in major Reef Forums. Kevin has 150 types of aquacultered corals and relies on his experience in this hobby as well as his equipment to maintain healthy livestock. If you're in the area - I highly encourage
you to visit his shop!

AquaticHouse Fish Supplies

Online retailer specializing in quality fish and pond supplies. Products for all types of aquariums and watergardens at great prices.

AquaticHouse Fish Supplies

Wet Pets

Wet Pets is a fish aquarium store that provides on-site product sales, home and business installation, maintenance, and servicing. It's a family owned and operated business established in 1990.

One of the largest saltwater fish stores available online. Great livestock and provides a medium for information exchange through an active discussion board.

This is one of the best online fish stores I've found on the net! As well as getting the best shopping experience for quality freshwater and marine fish, corals, live rock and sand, invertebrates and live plants - you can find a wonderful resource of information here to help you in your hobby!

My Fish

other websites operated
Jim Stime Jr. -

Aquarium Design
(Excellent Informational Website!)

Your source of acrylic aquarium fish tanks, wet dry - reef filters and aquarium stands and canopies used for marine, freshwater, coral reef, and tropical fish tanks. Operated by a reputable friend of mine, Jim Stime Jr., a well-known individual in the reef keeping field and who became President of the Marine Aquarium Society of Los Angeles in 1996. During his tenure he created the largest marine aquarium society website .

Sea Creatures

"Bringing Ocean Life to Northern Michigan - A New Beginning!" Get the most healthy livestock and all the dry goods you need, here, in Kewadin, Michigan!

Elmer's Aquarium & Pet Center

A family owned business established in 1969. Their showroom has 250 aquariums consisting of freshwater and saltwater. The store is located in the heart of the Monroeville Business District, only 25 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh.


Wall fish tanks and unique aquariums that go on or in a wall! You're kidding right? Look for yourself !


Unique fish tanks and cool aquariums for sale. Beautify your home with their unique Lamp Aquariums. Look for yourself - Again !!

GEO ~ Geo's Reef

Need top-of-the-line products to maintain your reef aquarium? You can choose your type of Calcium Reactor, Nielson Reactor, protein skimmer, sump or refugiums from this reputable company. - The Internet Frag Network

Need help to to buy, sell, and trade propagated coral fragments for your reef aquariums? This is an excellent medium to do it at. The site even provides this service for free. Its provided as community service and is developed and maintained by hobbyists in the reef keeping community.

Reefer's Aquatics

Reefer's Aquatics was founded in 1995 as Pensacola's first premier saltwater specialty store and has has more then 25 years combined experience building and maintaining aquariums all over the Gulf Coast.

Coral Dynamics

Coral Dynamics is in the business of selling captive raised corals! The owner's goal is to ensure that hobbyists and others can enjoy reef aquariums in their homes, lobbies and offices without generating stress on the worlds troubled coral reefs! Their captive raised corals are superior to those retrieved from wild reefs and a majority of the corals at Coral Dynamics are 5th- 6th generation captive raised.

Reef Saltwater Aquarium

Reef Saltwater Aquarium offers the newest designs in acrylic freshwater and saltwater aquariums as well as bubbling and flowing desktop fountains and waterfalls of various sizes and shapes. It's a unique 'store' that offers many unique products.

Aquariums Online

A online store based in Perth, Australia, dedicated to supplying the latest and greatest accessories, equipment and supplies for all marine aquariums at the best price. Equipment such as protein skimmers, pumps, filters, RO units, chillers, calcium dispensers and power-heads are just a few things that are offered.


Forum Community

Site Name


Aquaria Forums

Home of the largest DIY Database on the net! Forums dedicated to the aquarium hobbyist. DIY Projects for any type of aquaria needs. An aquaria community were members can discuss, share, and add to the many aspects of the fish keeping world.

Marine Aquarium Advice

A superb site for getting all your marine related questions answered and a growing community of friendly and warm 'Reefers!'

Reef Central

Reef Central is a great online community that provides quality info about the marine and reef aquarium hobby for all levels of hobbyists from beginner to advanced.

Reef Frontiers

Reef Frontiers provides a place for marine discussion among reef hobbyists from around the world. They have an excellent reference library for your research in this hobby. 

Coral Forum

This is a forum dedicated to the saltwater fish and marine reef aquarium hobby. Here you can learn about reef aquarium setups and maintenance as well as view coral and marine fish photos. All levels from beginner to advanced are available to learn from.

Michigan Reefers

This site is designed to help reef keeping hobbyists like yourself. You can post your questions and answers regarding issues related to this awesome hobby. This site will also keep you well informed with upcoming events in the 'field.' A very 'Active' and growing community of reefers!

Salt City

Saltcity is an online community where quality information about the marine and reef aquarium hobby can be exchanged among all levels of hobbyists from the beginner to the advanced. Their goal is to help educate as many people about the saltwater aquarium hobby as humanly possible and to enhance the awareness of the fragility of coral reefs around the world.

Aquarium Clubs/ Societies

Site Name


The Washington D.C. Area Marine Aquarist Society (WAMAS)

Must be the largest group in the country and if not - it soon will be! The site provides information for hobbyists and teachers alike. It's an enjoyable and educational site!

Hong Kong Reef Aquarium Club

Look for yourself as members of this club provide excellent photos of their tanks! Take a peek . . . !

The Marine Aquarium Society of
Los Angeles County

Here you will find very active club members who are dedicated to helping the coral reef hobby and the preservation of the world's coral reefs.

Marinelife Aquarium Society of

This is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and continuing in the maintenance, study and propagation of marine life within home aquaria.

Educational/Public Aquariums

Site Name Description
The Waikiki Aquarium

Founded in 1904, it's the third oldest public aquarium in the United States. It's located next to a living reef on the Waikiki shoreline.

Long Beach Aquarium of the

The Aquarium of the Pacific is one of the largest aquariums in the United States. Its nearly 1,000 species fill 19 major habitats and 32 focus exhibits and takes visitors on a journey throughout the Pacific Ocean's three regions: Southern California/Baja, the Tropical Pacific, and the Northern Pacific.

Shedd Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium is the World's Aquarium. It opened in 1929 and is one of the oldest public aquariums in the world.

Freshwater Tropical Fish

Site Name


Tropical Fish Information

This site is designed for beginners. provides freshwater and saltwater tropical fish information, articles, how-to guides, fish profiles, FAQs and forums.

Tropical fish and goldfish including koi, male and female bettas, fancy guppies, cichlids, aquarium plants, angel fish, puffer fish, crabs, frogs and many other inhabitants of freshwater aquariums for sale online and shipped directly to your address. This site also has fish pictures, videos, and information about keeping, breeding, and caring for fish, preventing diseases, and curing sick fish.

Pet Fish Talk

Pet Fish Talk is an internet talk show about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds. Tom and Nevin Bailey host Pet Fish Talk each Wednesday from 1:00 to 3:00 pm,Pacific Time, on, the world wide leader in internet talk.

Additional Links


Site Name


The Aquarium Nerd

The aquarium nerd provides information regarding saltwater aquariums, freshwater aquariums, including fish tank filters and supplies.

AC Freshwater and Saltwater Fish

A general aquarium site featuring a lot of information about fresh and saltwater aquarium keeping.

Saltwater Fish Tank resource and info

Saltwater Fish and Saltwater Fish Tanks website that is packed full of saltwater fish information and a great saltwater fish forum.




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