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   Eric V. Van Der Hope

Eric V. Van Der Hope is originally from Pearblossom, California. He attended school in New Zealand for a year then attended an established English boarding school 65 miles southwest of London. The school is nestled in one of the most beautiful parts of the country on the South Downs of West Sussex, 65 miles southwest of London.

He worked in the Health Care field, Civil and Structural Engineering fields, participated in a religious sabbatical for 2 years and was proud to serve his country as a member of the United States Military, contributing to the safe

navigation of USS FIFE (DD-991), a United States Naval Destroyer. As a result, he has traveled extensively throughout the world - from as far North in Sapporo, Japan to the South including Guam, the Philippians and as far South as Hobart, Tasmania, back up through Bali, Jakarta, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. Through his travels he has gained a tremendous amount of appreciation and respect for all people who contribute in one way or another to our society of humankind.

Mr. Van Der Hope is the President of Globalnet Publishing, whose goal it is to promote advanced techniques in publishing in the 21st Century.

He currently owns and operates websites including ReefKeepingBasics.com and Saltwaterfishpets.com, both of which are geared towards the promotion and learning of Saltwater Fish and Reef Keeping.

Mr. Van Der Hope has had considerable experience with Saltwater Fish Keeping. It all started with his fascination of the beautiful ocean while living off the coast of the North Island of New Zealand at the age of eleven years old.

Mr. Van Der Hope realized after a considerable amount of frustration learning the 'in-and-outs' of the Saltwater Fish and Reef Keeping hobby, that most people who started in this hobby as beginners fell to the same common mistakes . . . He experienced buying the endless supplies and equipment to properly maintain a healthy environment for his fish pets - to replacing fish, corals and inverts constantly because they always seemed to die!

As time went by, more and more information became available on Saltwater Fish and Reef Keeping and Mr. Van Der Hope's fascination developed into a passionate hobby.

Thus, after endless mistakes and too much money spent - but because his love of Fish and Reef Keeping grew stronger - he felt compelled to share his experiences, the good and the bad, to help his fellow enthusiasts from making the same mistakes he made.

As a result, Mr. Van Der Hope has developed the websites mentioned above as a source to help promote the education and training of maintaining a successful Saltwater Fish and Reef Keeping environment within an aquarium.

Mr. Van Der Hope has found that many books written on Saltwater Fish and Reef Keeping lack the simplicity of taking care of the 'creatures' themselves. What was once thought a difficult and expensive hobby to participate in because of perceived ideas, no longer exists.

Simply put - a well thought out, planned, saltwater fish or reef setup, is entirely within grasp for anyone thinking on taking on such a task.

Mr. Van Der Hope invites you to join his happy 'Saltwater Fish and Reef Keeping Community' by subscribing to his complimentary newsletter and to sign-up with the Reef Keeping Basics Forum . . . Here you can join other like-minded individuals who also share the same passion for saltwater fish and reef keeping such as yourself.

The Reef Keeping Basics Forum is a 'sounding board' if you will, a place to exchange questions, thoughts or opinions. It is a valuable tool to help you progress in your endeavor to be successful in this wonderful hobby.

Mr. Van Der Hope invites you to join and introduce yourself to this close-knit community and to participate if you so desire.

He thanks you in advance and hopes that you will benefit from the resources provided within and that you can enjoy the wonders of what it's like to see the most colorful and fascinating fish of the ocean in your own home or office.

Mr. Van Der Hope's business is located at:

Globalnet Publishing
10514 National Boulevard, 
Suite 334, Los Angeles Ca 90034

To contact him via email Click Here. Best wishes and success to all of you!!


Eric V. Van Der Hope
Publisher | Author | Editor
Globalnet Publishing

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