~ The 5 Most Common Mistakes You Shouldn't Have To
Ever Make - Mistake #5: Not Taking the First Piece of
Advice You Get with a Grain of Salt ~

by Eric V. Van Der Hope

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The 5 Most Common Mistakes You Shouldn't Have To Ever Make
Mistake #5:
Not Taking the First Piece of Advice You Get with a Grain of Salt
by Eric V. Van Der Hope
Copyright 2006 ReefKeepingBasics.com

Whenever we start on any new venture, there are generally people that are more than willing to put in their opinion. It is no different when you wish to set up your first saltwater tank. You may have people say, “What do you want to do that for?” You may also have people that will offer lots of advice. They will talk as if they know everything there is to know about saltwater tanks, and they might. However, unless you are absolutely certain of a person’s expertise on the subject, do not accept the first piece of advice you hear.

If you are uncertain about what to do when setting up your tank, you have options to choose from!

The first reaction is simply to decide to do things without first asking someone knowledgeable.

You can find reputable individuals in many areas of this hobby such as at Local Fish Stores that you trust, through an extensive archive of tools and resources of magazines, books, and newsletters. You can also find good advice through saltwater fish or reef keeping forums that seem to be growing by large numbers. Here you'll find experienced hobbyists happy and willing to share their knowledge.

If you are in this hobby to enjoy the benefits, you have to be well informed of what's involved. This is essential to your success with this fascinating hobby! You cannot limit yourself to one opinion - so you should double check where your information is coming from and also research other opinions from multiple sources.

The more you talk to knowledgeable individuals within this hobby, the more you'll understand how important it is to first listen to a few opinions and compare what is said. If after comparing some answers to your questions seem to match - it's usually a safe bet that that is the right advice to base your decision on.

Getting the same advice from reliable sources could be a start of a good decision - Do not be afraid to ask questions as the more you learn the more you can put to good use.

Setting up and maintaining a healthy environment in a saltwater tank is a slow, precise, and delicate process. So take your time to find the information - it'll really help you in the long run.

There is so much to learn in this hobby and one of the 'requirements' of this hobby is the willingness to listen to what others have to say. Much can be learned from the experience of 'old salts' and individuals who've seen a lot.

Buying on impulse is by far one of the biggest mistakes 'newbies' make and even experienced reefers make as well! So ask, ask, ask! Compare your answers and go from there!

Saltwater fish and reef keeping is a huge responsibility. We are all taking life into our hands, it's up to us to understand that and make sure we respect that.

One wrong piece of advice and you could loose the life in your tank as well as all the time and money you invested in it.

Start out on the right foot with your saltwater fish or reef tank, by doing this you will have years of peaceful enjoyment that you can only get from the beauty of a mini-ocean environment that your friends and family will envy!

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